Are You A PRP/Prolotherapy Candidate?

PRP/Prolotherapy candidates often possess many, if not all, of the below 10 criterion. Not possessing all 10 criterion, does not exclude you from being a good Prolotherapy candidate. For the person with poor range of motion (less than 75% of normal) or an abnormal MRI, it may be that PRP/Prolotherapy is still a great treatment. In those situations, we recommend you make an appointment for an evaluation.

  • My pain is from a ligament or tendon injury.
  • My pain is from degenerative arthritis and I have maintained good range of motion (greater than 75% of normal).
  • I take only a little or no pain medication for my pain.
  • Beside the pain, I am healthy.
  • I have clicking in the joint that is hurting.
  • Certain activities increase the pain.
  • Muscle spasms are definitely part of my pain.
  • My pain is better with rest.
  • My MRI/x-rays did not show anything.
  • My sensation is normal (I can feel everything).